Spring 2012 Women's Retreat

cleaning up the clutter in my life


The women of The Branch met, Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st for a life changing weekend. We engaged in the battle to conquer the clutter that holds us back from the incredible things that the Lord has for us, as women, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, professionals, and children of God.

Keynote speaker, Kathy Peel, known as "Amercia's Family Manager", took the leadng role as she taught us how to be a Family Manager, focusing in on 7 areas that can be clutter-free:
  1. Self-Management
  2. Home & Property
  3. Food
  4. Money
  5. Family & Friends
  6. Special Events
  7. Time & Scheduling
Kathy provided us with practical tools and motivational strategies to clean up the clutter in our lives: HEART, SOUL, MIND, and BODY.

Nutrition Expert Laura Kopec and Fitness Guru Lauren Deveny helped us cleanse our bodies, boost our energy, and improve our moods.

Christian Model Michelle Chynoweth walked us through de-cluttering the worldly influences in our lives and focus on modesty in how we dress and what we say and do.

Throughout the weekend, worship leader, Laura Burnett, and the SPRING CLEANING Worship Team, helped us draw close to God and having an intimate time of fellowship with our Lord.  We had the opportunity to spend time with the One who can clean up the clutter in your soul. 

We had healthy meals, engaging worship, fellowship with women in all walks of life, and lots of laughter.  It was sooo fun!!

Now that our SPRING CLEANING Retreat is over... let's not stop there...

Please see the new links above for our FOLLOW-UP times together!!!